Class Description

Our Classes cater to all levels, from beginner to advanced. We offer a variety of styles including, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation, Mindfulness, Strength & Mobility and more specialised classes & Workshops. We both acknowledge the uniqueness of every human and you will be encouraged to move in a way that feels right for you. Our intention is to help you create freedom, spaciousness & strength in your body, heart & mind so that you are supported in living day to day with greater ease.

Moving Mindfully

A slow downed flow

This class is suitable for most people with a bit of yoga experience. It will incorporate slow vinyasa style movement (breath based flow) with calming, soothing Yin yoga & Breathwork.

There will be a strong emphasis on how the practice makes you feel rather than the aesthetic look of your asana (pose).

Yoga 1

Beginners Yoga with functional movement

This class is suitable for people newer to yoga or those who want a slower paced practice.

Our classes integrate breathwork, mindfulness, movement and relaxation.

Yoga 2

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Practice, dynamic with a focus on strength and alignment.

This class is suitable for those with some experience of yoga, developing the vinyasa system, where we utilize the sun salutations to link postures together to form threads or mini sequences.

All classes start with breath work, a warm up sequence to prepare the joints before we move into a more fluid based practice.

Yoga 3

This is a strong, dynamic flow style practice, creative sequencing and transitions used throughout the class

This is a strong, dynamic flow style practice, creative sequencing and transitions used throughout the class to explore peak poses.

It’s for people who are relatively comfortable with their yoga practice and are up for a fun challenge.

Yin Yoga

Our Yin and Mindfulness class invites you to slow down and create a space for stillness and silence while nourishing the deeper tissues of your joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia. We achieve this by putting mild stresses on areas in the body with long held postures, which we approach passively, allowing these tissues to become stronger, healthier and thus happier.

Yin works on the myofascial meridian system and originates from Daoist practices which combines ancient traditional acupuncture theory. This can enhance the body’s energetic flow and support emotional equilibrium, promoting a harmonious balance within all elements of the body mind.

Strength For Yoga

Strength, mobility, use of creative sequencing and repetition

This class is for intermediate students, It’s a blend of Yoga, Pilates, strength and conditioning and movement practices.

We mainly focus on the deep muscles that support the pelvis, primarily the glutes and core.

We end the practice with breathwork and deep relaxtion.