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Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

“I had the pleasure of arranging lunchtime yoga sessions for our company with Katie. She is an approachable friendly person and made it very easy to organise. She is a great instructor and her classes were suitable for all levels, the group really enjoyed it and we look forward to starting again after the summer.

Personally, I get great benefit out of her sessions. I go back to the office feeling stretched, relaxed and calm, ready to face the rest of the day!”

Angela Garcia

“Katie’s yoga class for our corporate group was my first experience of yoga. Being somewhat mature (age 59), I was a bit leery of attending the yoga class. Katie immediately put me at ease, as well as my work colleagues. I found the yoga course very beneficial. It provided me with an oasis to feel at peace with my mind, body and soul. Katie has a gentle approach and is an excellent teacher. I look forward to our next corporate yoga session with her”.

Tony Condon


As we are well aware of the benefits of the practice of yoga; reducing stress, improving concentration, releasing tension and increasing energy levels, while creating a balance between mind and body.

Many hours are spent by your employees sitting daily hunched over a computer, building tension mainly in the upper back, neck, shoulders, wrists and eyes. Not to mention the stress of deadlines, presentations, new material, meeting quotes and also dealing with many different personalities types, This can also prove to be challenging for people.

Introducing yoga classes within the work environment will benefit the employees as well as the company itself, creating a happier and healthier work space. Our classes are developed to offer a time for your employee to let go completely, learning the power of mindfulness and total relaxation. Breathing exercises to help calm the nervous syste, while managing to wring out the typical stress areas within the body.

We offer classes onsite, mornings or lunchtime, please feel free to contact us for further enquiries.

“Family Carers Ireland – Cork would like to thank Katie from Lotus Yoga for the classes she has given to our Carers. These classes have been hugely beneficial to our Carers who have only good things to say about Katie.

Katie is humble in her approach and provides a safe and enjoyable class to our Carers. Katie’s classes are fun, gentle and peaceful. Katie is ever-mindful of our Carers abilities and adjusts the exercises and class to meet everyone’s needs.

Katie provided a great after-care service whereby she gave our Carers a sheet listing the exercises that would be safe for practice at home. I would highly recommend Katie to any group considering therapeutic yoga and we look forward to many more hours of caring practice at FCI. Namaste Katie!”

Outreach Worker – Nicola Fitzpatrick July 2017

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